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  • Twelve Maltese beaches awarded Blue Flag status

    MALTA, 2017/05/29
  • UNWTO Report on Gastronomy Tourism: sustainability and gastronomy

    SPAIN, 2017/05/29 A major component of history, tradition and identity, gastronomy has as well become a major motivation to visit a destination. According to the 2nd UNWTO Statement on Gastronomy Tourism, this tourism segment “offers enormous potential in stimulating local, regional and national economies and enhancing sustainability and inclusion”. The Statement was presented in the recent 3rd UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism, held in San Sebastian, Spain in cooperation with the Basque Culinary Center.
  • New study unveils European multi-generational digital travel trends

    EUROPE, 2017/05/29 A new study commissioned by Expedia Media Solutions and conducted by Northstar Research Partners, explores the motives and behaviors of British, French and German travelers across multiple generations as they research, plan and book trips online. Multi-Generational Travel Trends highlights generational comparisons of European travelers across four distinct groups—Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers—and examines attitudes toward travel, trip types and priorities, resources and influences, and devices used throughout the trip planning process.
  • Brussels Tourism launches its first Urban Culture Guide

    BELGIUM, 2017/05/29 On Friday 19 May, during a press visit, launched its initial Urban Culture Guide. The growing interest part tourists for the numerous aspects of urban culture was the reason for the creation of this guide. Street art, tattoo parlours, skate & roller parks, record stores… this new guide provides lovers of the genre with all the city’s best spots. Urban culture is, presently additional than ever, a subject that has grabbed the imagination of young people (and those who are young at heart) all over the world. The Urban Culture Guide, a concentration of all the major venues for fans of street art, music and the like, was created to satisfy this new request.
  • Five Things To Know If You’re Travelling To Europe In 2017

    EUROPE, 2017/05/29
  • Corinthia Hotel Budapest: Inspiring Hollywood and the movies

    HUNGARY, 2017/03/11 Recently, some of Hollywood's hottest stars, inclunding Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lawrence, Harrison Ford, and Charlize Theron, were seen filming on location in Budapest. Hungary continues to make a name for itself on the movie-making schedule as a popular country to shoot films. It came to prominence with Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ film, which is believed to be inspired by what is presently Corinthia Hotel Budapest. Hungary is very attractive to Hollywood film producers because the country boasts well-trained professionals, national-of-the-art studios, and relatively low labor costs. Furthermore, Budapest’s wide-ranging architecture can pass as Paris, London, Rome, or Berlin, and occasionally even New York.
  • MCE Central & Eastern Europe 2017, Riga: The WOW effect

    EUROPE, 2017/03/11 MCE Central & Eastern Europe is free from event visitors and putting all the attention on the building of relations between the two selected participant sides. With all these participants spending a full 2.5 days together, during which they network, benchmark, do business and enjoy time together with receptions, dinners and parties, one can realize these 2.5 days are very well spent.
  • loop shows the prospects of the luxury travel industry

    WORLD, 2017/03/05 In a few days. the luxury travel equitable loop opens its doors in Frankfurt am Major. From March 26-29, 2017, Frankfurt will transform into a mecca for the international luxury tourism industry. Germany's only luxury exhibition “loop - Luxury on our Planet” opens the floor for 100 international renowned hoteliers, hotel owners and providers of tourist luxury products to meet with 100 interested buyers from the German-speaking market. “loop brings the right people together at the right place and creates a vibrant community for travel agencies and even small niche operators and providers. The concept of the exhibition is designed to increase sales and compress time resources. In order to reach the same number of personal appointments as at the equitable, suppliers and retailers would normally require six months and would generate enormous travel expenses,” says Astrid Oberhummer, Founder and Organizer of loop.
  • ETOA: Suspension of visa exemption status for US citizens "extremely unlikely"

    BULGARIA, 2017/03/05 The European Parliament voted on 2nd March 2017 to require the European Commission to suspend visa exemption status for US citizens. In ETOA's view this is extremely unlikely to happen: the Council of the EU will object and the status quo will prevail. The situation arises because, since 2014, citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania have needed a visa to visit the US. This means that there is not full reciprocity in treatment of EU and US citizens. EU legislation provides for a 'delegated act' allowing the Commission to suspend exemption from visa requirements in the event of 'non-reciprocity.' This would apply to citizens of nations that impose visa requirement on EU citizens.
  • Dynamic and sustainable: LE Grand Hôtel Cannes

    FRANCE, 2017/03/05 The LE Grand Hôtel Cannes is always looking to be as sustainable as possible by improving its operating methods and by paying particular attention to its natural setting. And for the third year in a row Green Globe has award the hotel certification for its sustainable operations and management. LE Grand Hôtel Cannes is a dynamic palace, which has evolved within its surrounds along the Mediterranean Sea. Situated on La Croisette, in Cannes, LE Grand Hôtel is tucked away in the only gardens on the famous boulevard, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of this French holiday destination.