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  • Arab Company Set To Redevelop Montenegro Beach

    MONTENEGRO, 2013/09/04 The Abu Dhabi-based Royal Group conglomerate is in the final stages of negotiations to acknowledge a transaction to buy what is popularly known as the Queen's Beach (Kraljicina plaza), which stretches between the towns of Budva and Bar, local media reported on Monday. The Royal Group is said to have been the only company to respond to the 2012 call for bids to purchase one of the country's most beautiful tourist sites.
  • Croatia's Credit Rating Downgraded to 'Junk'

    CROATIA, 2013/01/07 "The Croatian government's reforms have so far been insufficient to eliminate the structural rigidities that hamper the country's increase potential," the rating agency said in a statement explaining its decision to lower Croatia's rating from BB+ to BB-. "Labor and product market flexibility in Croatia is lacking," and there's "little room for public investment," because nearly three-quarters of the budget goes to central government spending, the agency added. Noting that "since 2009, the Croatian economy has been either in recession or stagnant," Standard and Poor's estimates "about a 2 % contraction for 2012."