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  • Driverless buses will enter into service tomorrow in Tallinn

    ESTONIA, 2017/07/29  
  • Plastic-Eating Caterpillar Could Hold Key To Tackling Plastic Pollution

    WORLD, 2017/05/04 Plastic waste fouls the ocean, poisons marine life, defaces the environment and clogs gutters and landfills; sticking around for years without breaking down and with no viable solution in sight. That was until the recent discovery that a caterpillar commercially bred for fishing bait has the ability to biodegrade polyethylene: one of the toughest and most used plastics in the form of store and supermarket shopping bags.
  • The European Union AND Barbados Renewable Energy Programme,

    BARBADOS, 2014/03/08 The European Union says it is willing to provide BDS$100 million (One BDS dollar = US$0.50 cents) to Barbados in grant funding. A statement issued following talks between Barbados and EU delegations, noted that the funds would become available once certain macro-economic and public finance criteria were fully met. It said that BDS$65 million could become available to Barbados this year. The European Union last year released BBD$28 million for the Barbados Human Resource Development Programme, while an extra BBD$15 million was provided through the Barbados Renewable Energy Programme, all in the form of non-reimbursable grants.