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  • What Might Macron As New French President Mean For Africa?

    FRANCE, 2017/07/09 On 7 May 2017, the French people spoke and elected Emmanuel Macron as their next President of the Republic. Gathering 66.06% of the votes against 33.94% for his opponent Marine Le Pen from the far-right Front National, this second round concludes an unprecedented presidential race in several respects. Beyond the victory of a newcomer in French politics, these elections marked a harsh side-lining of the two major parties – the Parti Socialiste and Les Républicains – inclunding the significant rise of populist movements. While France faces a drastically altered political landscape, this election as well matters for Africa.
  • Kenya and the European Union strengthen their partnership

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2016/12/23 In the presence of the President, Commissioner Mimica and Kenya's Cabinet Secretary to the National Treasury Henry Rotich signed three major Financing Agreements to provide more than 10 billion shillings worth of European Union funding to support Kenya's agricultural small-holdings, water infrastructure, and legal empowerment and aid European Commissioner Neven Mimica and Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta met today to discuss enhancing the international partnership between Kenya and European Union. They welcomed the political dialogue between Kenyan decision-makers and European Union diplomats over the completed year, which has seen the two sides engage in constructive and extensive discussion of complex and sensitive political issues. The President and the Commissioner considered that the resultant trust and goodwill should enable Kenya-EU relations to be scaled up further, inclunding inter alia in working together to strengthen regional security and stability and to help create additional jobs for Kenya's youth.
  • Cameroon and France sign contract on development and debt reduction

    FRANCE, 2016/07/04 Cameroon and France have signed a third arrangement for development and deficit reduction (C2D). The intended all for financing of the projects is estimated at 400 billion CFA francs. A significant all in relation to the cumulative sum of the initial two C2D which amounted to 566 billion francs. Minister of National for Development and Francophone, Andre Vallini recently visited Cameroon for the signing of the arrangement aimed at supporting the country’s development.
  • President Robert Mugabe and his wife lands at Harare International Airport

    RUSSIA, 2015/05/07 RUSSIA will on Saturday hold its annual Victory Day parade, commemorating the end of World War II in Europe with President Vladmir Putin expected to show off his new Armata T-14 battle tank part other military hardware. Some EU leaders are staying away, protesting Putin's military adventures in Ukraine but China and India will attend, along with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe.
  • Morocco and then Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2014/09/09 The European Union has set aside 5.5 billion euros in funds for the next few years for cooperation with neighboring nations, inclunding nine bilateral cooperation accords. Morocco will thus far be receiving the highest all: between 728,000 and 890,000 euros for the 2014-2017 period. This aid aims particularly to provide equitable access to basic social services (30%), support for democratic government, policy of law and mobility (25%), and increase and employment (25%). Jordan will be getting the second major all in the same period, between 312,000 and 382,000 euros, to use for policy of law (25%), employment and private sector improvment(30%), and renewable energy and energy efficiency (30%).
  • Ashton boat trip seen as new chapter in China relations 2012-07-16

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2012/07/16