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  • Belgrade's Artistic Salon Returns with Love Theme

    SERBIA, 2016/09/24 The October Salon, one of Serbia’s most significant contemporary arts events, opens on Friday and runs until November 6 at the Belgrade City Museum's new building - the former Military Academy - under the motto ‘The Pleasure of Love’. ‘The Pleasure of Love’ explores “what role emotion plays in contemporary art and how it may be framed in ways that are neither banal nor kitsch,” said show curator David Elliott in a press release. “This may include the not-so-simple pleasures of love, humour, horror and any other perspectives that art may bring to bear on the fragility of human experience and life which, in itself, may have a transient or long-lasting impact,” Elliott added.
  • Spain: Fernando Del Paso, Winner Of 2015 Cervantes Prize

    SPAIN, 2015/11/16 Fernando del Paso has been awarded the 2015 Miguel de Cervantes Prize for Literature in Spanish. The jury’s decision was announced by Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, the Minister for Education, Culture and Sport during an event held at the headquarters of the Secretariat of National for Culture. According to the minutes of the conference, the jury awarded the prize “for his contribution to the development of the novel, combining tradition and modernity, as Cervantes did in his time. His novels take risks and recreate key episodes in the history of Mexico in a way that highlights their foundational character.”
  • Netherlands end Kingdom's bicentenary celebration in Amsterdam

    NETHERLAND, 2015/09/29 The Netherlands finished the celebration of 200 years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with a festivity in Amsterdam Saturday night. The Kingdom of the Netherlands started between 1813 and 1815. To celebrate this birth, a national committee arranged events and festivities from November 2013 to September 2015. Six major events and several side events were organized to commemorate the Kingdom's democratic achievements and the bicentenary.
  • Gunter Grass, the German novelist, social critic and Nobel Prize winner, died

    GERMANY, 2015/05/02 Gunter Grass, the German novelist, social critic and Nobel Prize winner, died of undisclosed causes on April 13 in the German town of Lubeck. He was 87 years old. Grass wrote additional than 30 plays, novels, books of poems, essays and memoirs. He was the author of “The Tin Drum”, an epic treatment of the Nazi era. A broad-shouldered man with a drooping mustache, Grass spurned the German tradition of keeping a cool intellectual distance, insisting that a writer’s business was to be at the frontline of moral and political debate. For a lot of, he was the voice of a German generation that came of age in World War II and bore the burden of their parents’ guilt for the atrocities of the Nazis.
  • The major, best-preserved ancient Roman funerary complex found in Italy

    ITALY, 2014/02/23 The major, best-preserved ancient Roman funerary complex found in Italy since the 19th century has been discovered at an archeological dig 70 km northeast of Venice, researchers announced Friday. An imposing monument from the third century AD was located outside the ancient walls of what was once the Roman colony of Iulia Concordia, presently in the town of Concordia Sagittaria. The site was likened to a "little, flood-plain Pompeii" in a guided tour at the restoration site in Gruaro, Veneto. Just as Pompeii was buried by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, a natural disaster wiped out and preserved sarcophagi in Iulia Concordia.
  • An historic synagogue in Essaouira, Morocco is to be refurbished

    GERMANY, 2014/02/14 An historic synagogue in Essaouira, Morocco is to be refurbished in a joint project with the German Foreign Ministry. It will be the second synagogue to be restored under a appropriate German government program. Tuesday’s announcement came as the Moroccan Ambassador in Berlin, Omar Zniber, launched an exhibit at the embassy’s cultural center of photographs of Moroccan Jews from the 1960s inclunding new photos of synagogues in the country, both pre- and post-renovation.
  • Culture Ministers from Sweden and Seychelles meet at Umea

    SWEDEN, 2014/02/03 Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, the Minister responsible for Culture and Sports from Sweden, and Minister Alain St.Ange, the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture from the Seychelles, used the opportunity of the events marking Umea as the Culture Capital of Europe for them to meet and exchange ideas on the development of culture. Minister St.Ange of the Seychelles used the opportunity of the conference to brief the Minister from Sweden on his discussions with regards to having a Sami indigenous group from Sweden fly the Swedish Flag and the Sami flag at the coming April carnival in the Seychelles. He explained that discussions were underway with the Swedish Arts Council to try and make this presentation a reality.
  • Rosy images of Paris

    FRANCE, 2013/08/11 Paris has displayed a string of portraits of the lives of “ordinary Parisians” on advertising billboards across the city, using sketches that have delighted tourists but left locals somewhat bemused. “Les Parisiens” features 48 different comic sketches by artist Kanako in 1,000 locations around the city – see slide-show below. “The idea is to offer something free for the summer on billboards that would otherwise be used for advertising or public service messages,” city hall spokesman Lionel Bordeaux told FRANCE 24.
  • How The Gems Of French Pastry Seduced The World

    FRANCE, 2013/05/02 The world’s love affair with French macarons is here to remain . In order to meet world demands, the pastry chef who made macarons famous, Pierre Hermé, is about to step up production in the factory where most of his macarons are created – always by hand.
  • Belgrade International Week of Architecture

    SERBIA, 2013/04/28