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  • Italy seizes NGO rescue boat for allegedly aiding illegal migration

    ITALY, 2017/08/03 Italian coastguards seized a migrant rescue boat operated by a German aid group in the Mediterranean suspected of aiding illegal immigration from Libya, a prosecutor said on Wednesday. Video showed the Iuventa, which is run by Jugend Rettet, arriving at the island of Lampedusa surrounded by several coastguard vessels next it was stopped at sea before dawn. Police inspected the ship as any minute at this time as it docked and checked the crew passports. They later took charge of the boat and set sail for a larger port in Sicily.
  • German police test facial recognition cameras at Berlin station

    GERMANY, 2017/08/02 German police deployed the initial facial recognition cameras at a major railway station in Berlin on Tuesday, testing new technology that could help track and arrest crime and terrorism suspects. "We want to test how good the technology really is," police spokesman Jens Schobranski said of the six-month pilot project, part of a promise by Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives to raise funds for police and security. Opinion polls in the run-up to a general election next month show a lot of voters are worried about security, half next attacks by asylum seekers stoked criticisms of Merkel's decision to allow in additional than one million migrants.
  • Bastille Day Military Parade - Paris Macron shaking hands with Donald Trump's wife Melania

    FRANCE, 2017/07/15 FRENCH PRESIDENT EMMANUEL Macron and Donald Trump marked France’s national day together on Friday at a military parade which clearly delighted the US president and showcased warming relations between the two leaders. But the day was tinged with mourning, coming a year on from a jihadist massacre that claimed 86 lives in the southern city of Nice, where Macron led remembrances next the Paris parade. Trump was Macron’s guest of honour at national day celebrations in the French capital as this year marked the centenary of the United States entering World War I.
  • Euro Area Unemployment At 9.3%, EU28 At 7.8%

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2017/07/08 The euro sector(EA19) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 9.3% in May 2017, stable compared to April 2017 and down from 10.2% in May 2016, according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. Eurostat said this remains the lowest rate recorded in the euro area since March 2009. The EU28 unemployment rate was 7.8% in May 2017, stable compared to April 2017 and down from 8.7% in May 2016. This remains the lowest rate recorded in the EU28 since December 2008.
  • Russia Says Its Citizens Are Subject To Discrimination in Azerbaijan

    AZERBAIJAN, 2017/07/08 In response to numerous media questions about a ban on the entry to Azerbaijan for Russian citizens, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Thursday that its citizens going to that country are subject to ethnic discrimination. Since the start of this year, 25 Russian citizens have been denied entry into Azerbaijan, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, adding that they were, on average, detained for a lot of hours at the Baku airport (in a number of cases, without food, water or medical assistance, and in one case the detained person was a woman with a four-year-old child) and again forced to leave at their own expense.
  • EU countries decline to help Italy with Mediterranean refugee crisis

    ITALY, 2017/07/08 Overwhelmed by refugees, Italy has threatened to bar boats carrying migrants from its ports. EU interior ministers have agreed to develop a code of conduct for rescue ships. They are refusing to show any additional solidarity. In the last week of June alone, additional than 10,000 refugees from Africa arrived in Italy via the Mediterranean route; the total since the beginning of the year is 85,000. Rome's decision to close Italian ports to refugee ships was met with the approval of the EU interior ministers gathered in Estonia's capital, Tallinn. EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos urged bloc nations to help Italy, which can no longer handle the problem on its own. But solidarity has been exhausted. Nobody in Rome wants to take in any refugees or open any ports for the rescue boats.
  • Helmut Kohl funeral

    GERMANY, 2017/07/02 Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl has been honored by world leaders at a appropriate ceremony at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Hundreds had gathered to pay their final respects at a requiem mass in Speyer. - World leaders completed and present gathered at the European Parliament in Strasbourg to honor Germany's longest-serving chancellor. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and former US President Bill Clinton were part the leaders to honor Kohl's achievements and say their farewells.
  • The economic legacy of empires

    WORLD, 2017/06/20 Nations colonised by Europe’s imperial powers had vastly divergent economic fates next the end of colonial policy. Some prospered into extraordinarily rich economies, while others made very little evolution. Could such economic divergence be due to differences in the kind of influence that colonial rulers had on the colonies? Some researchers have speculated that the quality of institutions set up by the imperial powers may have dictated the long-run economic increase of the colonies.
  • Retirement Age Should Be Raised To 70, Says World Economic Forum

    JAPAN, 2017/05/29 The retirement age should rise to at least 70 in rich nations by 2050 as life expectancy rises above 100, according to a new statement, BBC News reveals. The World Economic Forum said that employees should continue working until 70 in nations such as the UK, US, Japan and Canada. The increase will be needed, as the number of people over 65 will additional than triple to 2.1 billion by 2050. By again, the number of workers per retiree will have halved to just four.
  • United Kingdom Q1 Jobless Rate Falls; Earnings Growth Remains Weak

    UNITED KINGDOM, 2017/05/17 The UK unemployment rate declined in the initial quarter despite a slowdown in economic increase, while earnings increase remained weak amid rising inflation. The ILO jobless rate eased to 4.6 % in the three months to March, the lowest since 1975, data from the Office for National Statistics showed Wednesday. The rate dropped from 5.1 % in the previous year and 4.7 % in the three months to February.