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Environment in Albania

  • Albanian Activists Mull Lawsuits to Stop Power Plants

    ALBANIA, 2016/09/24 Activists in the northern Albanian region of Tropoja are preparing to submit lawsuits to halt the planned construction of hydropower plants on the Valbona river and its tribunaries, claiming it will destroy tourism in the so-called "Albanian Alps". Catherine Bohne, an inhabitant of Valbona and chief of Toka, an environmental protection NGO for Northern Albania, told BIRN on Wednesday that a lawsuit is on the way. "We by presently started working with a lawyer and are presently mulling the best way to get the hydropower plants stopped," she said. Bohne, whose campaign is widely supported in Valbona, says that the process of granting rights to construct such plants in a designated protected area was filled with holes.
  • Albania Steps Closer to Waste Ban Vote 2012-07-01

    ALBANIA, 2012/07/01 The CEC on Thursday approved unanimously a request for a referendum on waste imports brought by environmentalists.   The decision will now be forwarded to the constitutional court in January 2013. The court then will need additional months to take a decision on the date of the referendum.