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  • BRICS countries considering own cryptocurrency as settlement mechanism

    CHINA, 2017/09/07 The BRICS Finance Committee is discussing a joint virtual currency for the five country bloc of developing economies, according to the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) chief Kirill Dmitriev. During the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, Dmitriev told journalists that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa could develop its own alternative to other payment tools. "While there is a focus on settlements in national currencies, cryptocurrencies are as well being discussed as one of the possible settlement mechanisms," Dmitriev explained.
  • BRAZIL: Ibovespa Closes Slightly Down On Political And Fiscal Issues

    BRAZIL, 2017/08/22 Next rising during the morning, boosted by the iron ore appreciation abroad, the Ibovespa reversed its course and closed slightly down (-0.11%), at 68,634.64 points on Monday. The benchmark stock index in Brazil was affected by investors' concerns about the fiscal issue and the complaint filed by the country's Attorney General's Office (PGR) against the Senator Romero Jucá (PMDB-RR).
  • Toronto Stock Exchange’s main index falls, loonie continues to strengthen

    CANADA, 2017/08/21 Canada’s major stock index shed nearly 100 points on the final trading day of the week in a broad-based decline. The S&P/TSX composite index closed down 81.31 points at 14,952.33.
  • Indebtedness is on the rise in America

    UNITED STATES, 2017/08/21 Americans’ deficit level notched an extra record high in the second quarter, next having before in the year surpassed its pre-crisis peak, on the back of modest rises in mortgage, auto and credit card deficit, where delinquencies jumped. Total U.S. household deficit was $12.84 trillion in the three months to June, up $552 billion from a year ago, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York statement published on Tuesday.
  • Dow And S&P 500 Climb To New Record Closing Highs

    UNITED STATES, 2017/07/15 Stocks moved mostly higher over the course of the trading session on Friday, extending the upward trend seen over the completed several sessions. With the gains on the day, the Dow and the S&P 500 reached new record closing highs. The major averages pulled back off their best levels going into the close but remained firmly positive. The Dow rose 84.65 points or 0.4 % to 21,637.74, the Nasdaq advanced 38.03 points or 0.6 % to 6,312.47 and the S&P 500 climbed 11.44 points or 0.5 % to 2,459.27. For the week, the Nasdaq surged up by 2.6 %, while the Dow and the S&P 500 jumped by 1 % and 1.4 %, respectively. The strength on Wall Street came following the release of several key economic reports, with the data suggesting that the Federal Reserve will not be in any hurry to raise interest rates.
  • Marcelo Mindlin, President, Pampa Energía. Right: Eduardo Elsztain, President, IRSA Group and Banco Hipotecario

    ARGENTINA, 2017/06/19 The government has outlined $260 billion worth of potential investment projects. Next passing market-friendly reforms, the country is counting on local investors to invest and set the tone for foreigners to do the same Next a decade of relative isolation from the world community, the sudden return of Argentina to the investment map with Mauricio Macri’s early reforms caused euphoria and exuberance part the investors.
  • North American FDI into China continues to fall

    UNITED STATES, 2017/05/11 North American investment into China is following a downward trend that began in 2013. James Whitten reports. Greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets has recorded a year-on-year decline of FDI from North America into China between 2013 and 2016. China is consistently the majority popular destination in the Asia-Pacific region for receiving North American investment . It accounted for 23.73% of capital investment in the 2013 to 2016 period from US and Canadian businesses. Further, China is North America’s second most popular destination for foreign investment projects globally, behind only the UK, and has received the majority capital investment (9.18% of North America’s total outward capital investment ).
  • The US under Trump: worth the risk?

    UNITED STATES, 2017/05/11 The shockwaves caused by Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential elections are still being felt on a world scale, with foreign investors presently having to reconsider the country’s risk profile. Philippa Maister assesses the situation. World corporations around the world are facing an unfamiliar question. Under US president Donald Trump, has the level of political risk in the US risen to a point where FDI should be reconsidered, or at least delayed? Once believed to be the ultimate ‘safe haven’ for investors, in the Trump era a lot of long-standing assumptions about the US have been upended.
  • Watch for warning signs the economy is on a sugar high

    CANADA, 2017/05/02 From strong job creation to roaring stock markets, North America under U.S. President Donald Trump is continuing to show signs of vigour, despite Friday's gloomy U.S. GDP numbers. It's not just a U.S. phenomenon. The giant Ontario economy is exhibiting signs of life as tax receipts rise, and some experts say the western oil slump has been overdone. But there are reasons to be wary. There is a danger that, like a three-year-old child high on sugary treats, the economy may be getting overstimulated. And as any parent knows, such euphoria can come to a bad end.
  • U.S. at the forefront of Qatar’s intensified investment strategy

    UNITED STATES, 2017/04/30 Heightened cooperation in education, security, trade and QIA’s strategy shift, investing $35 billion in the American economy, set a new milestone in the bilateral relations Speaking from the U.S. Embassy office in Qatar in June 2016, U.S. Ambassador to Qatar Dana Shell Smith set the tone for the burgeoning financial relations between the two nations: “There are so a lot of opportunities here for American businesses, and Qatar has discovered that there are a lot of investment opportunities for them in the United States.”