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  • Mexico’s cultural heritage and expanding tourism attractions

    MEXICO, 2017/04/11 A religious and historical synergy between Catholicism and indigenous practices gives Mexico the perfect cultural cocktail for a wide variety of festivals. A lot of are well known internationally, while others are from presently on to be largely recognised outside the country. DAY OF THE DEAD: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is arguably one of the majority well-known Mexican festivals outside of the country, even before it was beamed across the silver screen in the opening scene of Spectre, the 2015 James Bond blockbuster. Although the film again plunges into the storyline, the busy scene featuring the holiday captured the world’s attention – so much so that a similar parade was started for the Day of the Dead in 2016.
  • Design of Sao Paulo Jewish Museum chosen as best project in Brazil

    BRAZIL, 2016/11/02 The design of the building that will home the next Sao Paulo Jewish Museum, which is currently under construction, has been chosen as the best project part 1,200 contenders for the annual Great Award of Corporate Architecture in Brazil. Designed by architects Simoni D. Saidon and Mauro Martins, from Botti Rubin’s office, the museum won in the category Convention Center, Cultural Center and Museum, the WebJudaica news portal reported last week.
  • Long isolated, Africa’s Jewish ‘islands’ bridged by photographer’s lens

    JAPAN, 2016/07/25 The synagogues of emerging Jewish communities in Africa are often modest affairs at the end of bumpy dirt roads, communities which feel a historical or spiritual connection to Judaism, but are struggling to practice fully in their isolated conclaves. Judaism has always had a presence in North Africa, and later, in South Africa. But among this vast continent, dozens of new Jewish communities are beginning to reach out to the wider Jewish world. Some, like Ghana, believe they are historical descendants of Jewish traders in the Sahara. Others, in Uganda and Kenya, have felt a spiritual pull to Judaism. Photographer Jono David, 50, has attempted to capture intimate moments of small, emerging Jewish communities across Africa in 30 different nations and territories. An exhibition of some of those photos, The Children of Abraham and Sarah, is presently featured at Beit HaTfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, through December. It is part of an installation that as well includes Nina Pereg’s two videos, filmed at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, showing preparations to flip the holy site from a mosque to a synagogue and vice versa, during the two days each year at the same time as the whole complex is open to either Jews or Muslims.
  • An aboriginal youth dances at a Squamish powwow in 200

    CANADA, 2014/03/22 Squamish Initial Country Chief Ian Campbell, wearing a cedar strip headdress and a sea shell-covered vest that makes clicking noises each time he moves, earned a standing ovation in Namibia, Africa, last fall for his passionate, no-notes invitation to book an authentic aboriginal travel experience in British Columbia. Campbell had the additional than 600 delegates at the Adventure Travel World Summit standing and clapping — calling for additional of what B.C.’s aboriginal tourism supporters are calling a cultural, spiritual and meaningful tourism experience. Keith Henry, Aboriginal Tourism Association of B.C.’s chief executive officer, says he’s had similar experiences in Australia and New Zealand, nations long considered innovators at the same time as it comes to developing aboriginal tourism markets, but it’s the Australians and New Zealanders who presently are looking to B.C. for new ideas.
  • Oscar Niemeyer

    BRAZIL, 2013/01/02 Niemeyer had been battling kidney ailments and pneumonia for nearly a month in a Rio de Janeiro hospital. His death was confirmed by a hospital spokesperson. Starting in the 1930s, Niemeyer's career spanned nine decades. His distinctive glass and white-concrete buildings include such landmarks as the United Nations Secretariat in New York, the Communist Party headquarters in Paris and the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Brasilia.
  • Mayans today face discrimination, poverty

    GUATEMALA, 2012/12/28 At its peak, the Mayan civilization had of the richest cultures in the Americas. Today, ethnic Mayas in Central America and Mexico suffer from discrimination, exploitation and poverty. In Guatemala, where nearly half of the people is indigenous, descendants of the once-mighty ancient civilization have even fallen victims to genocide.
  • Mexico: 4,000 Year Old Archaelogical Site Discovered

    MEXICO, 2012/12/28  Mexican researchers have discovered an archaeological site in the national of Sinaloa estimated to be around 4,000 years old, reported the National Institute of Anthropology and History. Sixty projectiles points, 20 complete and 40 fragments, were found in the area built around thousand years B.C.
  • Litz Alfonso Ballet Well Received on First Chinese Tour

    CUBA, 2012/12/28 Cuban ballet company Litz Alfonso continues its success in China among its prime tour in this country, during which both artists and the public have been very impressed, its director said today. In an interview with Prensa Latina via telephone from Shanghai, Litz said that the Chinese public, with a completely different culture, has reacted in a positive way formerly the performances, by presently presented in several cities. "It is very interesting to see how the language of music and dance helps human beings connect easily," said the artist.