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  • Brazil' Gov't Calls For WTO Panel Against Canadian Subsidies To Bombardier

    BRAZIL, 2017/08/22 The Brazilian government will request that the World Trade Organization's (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body to set up a panel to discuss the case against Canada related to subsidies given by the North American country to the aviation sector, benefiting Bombardier's C-Series program, which competes with Brazil's Embraer. The WTO will be requested to examine additional than 20 programs of subsidies granted by Canada to the aviation sector of the country due or not instantly related to the development of the new Bombardier family of aircraft in the context of the C-Series program. The Brazilian government questions if the subsidies are compatible with WTO rules.
  • Canadian subsidiary of French defence giant gets $5.2 billion contract

    CANADA, 2017/08/22 The federal government said Thursday that Thales Canada will provide in-service support for vessels under a arrangement that could total $5.2 billion over 35 years. The Canadian subsidiary of French defence giant Thales has been awarded a multibillion-dollar arrangement to service Canada's new fleet of Arctic offshore patrol ships and joint support vessels. The Canadian subsidiary of French defence giant Thales has been awarded a multibillion-dollar arrangement to service Canada’s new fleet of Arctic offshore patrol ships and joint support vessels.
  • U.S. Industrial Production Climbs More Than Expected In June

    UNITED STATES, 2017/07/15 Industrial production in the U.S. increased by slightly additional than anticipated in the month of June, the Federal Reserve revealed in a statement on Friday. The Fed said industrial production climbed by 0.4 % in June next inching up by a revised 0.1 % in May. Economists had expected production to rise by 0.3 % compared to the unchanged reading originally reported for the previous month. The bigger than expected increase in production was half due to an extra jump in mining output, which surged up by 1.6 % in June next spiking by 1.9 % in May.
  • New car sales in Brazil pick up for first time since 2013

    BRAZIL, 2017/07/11 New car sales in Brazil rose 3.65 % in the initial half of the year compared to the same period of 2016, showing positive increase for the initial time since 2013, industry figures showed on Tuesday. The National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution reported 1,019,400 new cars and light passenger vehicles were sold from January to June, compared to 983,495 units in the initial half of the previous year.
  • Brazil Factory PMI In Growth Zone First Time Since Jan 2015

    BRAZIL, 2017/05/03 Brazil's manufacturing sector continued its increase in April supported by gains in output and new orders, survey results from IHS Markit showed Tuesday. The seasonally adjusted Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index rose to 50.1 in April from 49.6 in March. A reading above 50 suggests increase in activity.
  • US car boom ending as sales drop for fourth month

    UNITED STATES, 2017/05/03
  • Pharmaceutical companies in Mexico capitalise on market conditions

    MEXICO, 2017/04/11 The Mexican pharmaceutical industry has potential for the deployment of research and improvment(R&D) capital. Since 2010 the strategy of the Federal Commission for the Protection from Sanitary Risk (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios, Cofepris), the regulatory body governing the sector, has enabled faster licensing of new products and allowed Mexico to become one of the majority developed markets for generic drugs in the world.
  • Guillermo Echeverría Miller, CEO, Vuhl, on how research and development (R&D) can help the manufacturing sector

    MEXICO, 2017/04/11 How can Mexico’s burgeoning manufacturing sector benefit from a commitment to R&D? GUILLERMO ECHEVERRÍA MILLER: R&D in Mexico currently represents approximately 0.5% of GDP, which reveals our limited tendency towards research activities. However, the government is committed to increasing this budget to 1% by 2018 with institutions such as The National Council for Science and Technology (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, CONACYT) and the National Entrepreneur’s Institute (El Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor, INADEM) driving forward several initiatives from small and medium-sized enterprises that need to be supported by policies incentivising R&D initiatives locally, not just on the national scale.
  • Instead of immigrants, automation may take away more jobs

    UNITED STATES, 2017/01/16 Donald Trump has been crowing as companies inclunding Ford renounce plans to move factories to Mexico. But the major beneficiaries of this shift back to the US aren't saying much by way of celebration -- industrial robots don't tend to speak. While globalisation's detractors blame nations such as China and Mexico for stealing the factory jobs of the West, experts point to less obvious culprits which are harder to scapegoat and to overcome in an interconnected economy with complex supply chains. Since US manufacturing employment peaked in the late 1970s, according to Michael Hicks of the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball National University in Indiana, "95 % of job losses were due to productivity improvements inclunding automation and computer technology, rather than trade".
  • Brazil Industrial production

    BRAZIL, 2016/01/16 In November, industrial production contracted 2.4% over the previous month on a seasonally-adjusted basis, which was a additional pronounced contraction than the revised 0.6% decrease (before reported: -0.7% month-on-month) seen in October. The result was the major drop since December 2013 and worse than market analysts’ expectations of a 0.9% fall. The figure was driven by a bigger fall in the production of intermediate goods.