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  • US President Barack Obama during his visit to Kenya earlier this year.

    UNITED STATES, 2015/11/20 With the success of this year’s World Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, a lot of questions are being raised about how the US has to date engaged with sub-Saharan Africa and the role of entrepreneurship in US-Africa engagement. US engagement in sub-Saharan Africa lags behind that of other nations – in particular that of China. While there is still a sizeable all of funding coming to the continent from the US, majority of it is taking the form of aid rather than investment . In 2015 alone, additional than a quarter of the nations in sub-Saharan Africa are receiving additional than US$150m each as aid (with Nigeria having the lion’s share of $720m), but China dominates the field at the same time as we look at investment as opposed to aid. In 2014, the US government estimated their corporate investments on the whole continent to be $14bn. This figure is significantly dwarfed by the $75bn China invested in the continent in the same year in the form of corporate investments.
  • Africa: U.S. Should Be Backing Real Economic Transformation

    UNITED STATES, 2014/09/27 The focus on business at the U.S.-Africa Leadership Summit last month was a welcome pointer for how to recalibrate policy and bring tangible economic benefits in trade and investment for both Africa and the United States. Recognizing the symbolic backdrop of the summit – President Obama is of African origin, Africa supplied much of the labor that built America's economy in the 19th century, and the continent is a place of opportunity in the world economy- the time has come for the relationship to be focused on the things that really matter. Leading that most-essential inventory are infrastructure, industrialization, venture capital for entrepreneurship, and the development of human capital.
  • What Africa Needs to Boost Trade With the U.S.

    UNITED STATES, 2014/08/06 Ahead of the United States-Africa summit which President Barack Obama is convening next week, southern African trade expert Joshua Setipa outlines what he would say if he was to present Africa's case in Washington. If I was to go to Washington next week, I would tell the government that our relationship with the United States is one which we as Africa cherish very much, but that it is one that could use some refinement; that we need to revisit a few issues to make sure that U.S. priorities and U.S. aspirations in this relationship are consistent with Africa's political priorities. Africa's relations with the United States are of course about additional than trade and investment . There are a whole raft of issues of mutual interest - security being just one. But if we are to focus only on trade and investment , I would begin by providing an overview of where we are presently.
  • US President Barack Obama’s 'Doing Business in Africa' campaign,

    UNITED STATES, 2014/06/11 US President Barack Obama’s 'Doing Business in Africa' campaign, aimed at increasing US investment in Africa, is gaining momentum ahead of an August Summit with African leaders. Senior Obama government officials, however, said while the US' commitment to engage in business is clear, achieving the desired goals would require critical groundwork. “America’s commitment to this issue is clear,” said Ernest Moniz, the US Energy Secretary. “I hope our discussions can begin to answer...basic questions. What has to happen for US private business to increase their investments in Africa’s energy sector?” Secretary Moniz, who met 30 ministers of energy from across Africa during an Energy Ministerial conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 3-4 June, called for a review of potential obstacles to energy financing in Africa.
  • United States seeks to expand business opportunities in Africa

    UNITED STATES, 2014/05/30 United States Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker over the weekend rounded off her visit to Africa in Ethiopia, where she said US companies were looking for business opportunities across the continent. 'My trip was to discuss US commitment to Africa and what we can do to spur trade and investment in Ethiopia. President Barack Obama sees tremendous opportunities for trade and investment in Ethiopia,” Pritzker told reporters in Addis Ababa. US companies are seeking opportunities to invest in Africa’s aviation, construction, health, agriculture and energy sectors, according to the Commerce Secretary who before visited Ghana and Nigeria.
  • United States of America Consul General, Jeffrey Hawkins

    UNITED STATES, 2013/10/23 United States of America Consul General, Jeffrey Hawkins said that the US has invested $50 million in Nigeria's economy in 2013 alone. He said this during a courtesy visit to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) yesterday. He said that Nigeria was a growing economy and assured that the United States government would help in growing the economy. He pointed out that no country can evolution without capital market investment , saying that the US was building a solid trade framework with the Nigerian government.
  • Booming China-Africa Trade

    UNITED STATES, 2013/07/04  The visit by the U.S. President Barack Obama to Africa is not aimed at countering the Chinese influence in the continent but rather to seek a foothold, an expert on U.S.-Africa relations. The United States and China need to complement each other and work together to develop Africa, said Scott Firsing, chief of International Studies at Monash University in South Africa. Additional China-U.S. collaboration and cooperation is crucial in help Africa develop education and skills which are vital to economic increase, Firsing said.
  • US President talks of admiration for former South African leader

    UNITED STATES, 2013/06/30 Paying tribute to his personal hero, US President Barack Obama met privately with Nelson Mandela's family as the world anxiously awaited news on the condition of the 94-year-old anti-apartheid leader. The conference on Saturday took place at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, hours next the president said he was not angling for a "photo op" with the ailing former South African leader. Obama praised Mandela's "moral courage" during remarks from the grand Union Buildings, Johannesburg, where Madiba, as he is called in South Africa, was inaugurated as his country's initial black president.
  • Chinese Company Wins Bid For Waltham-Based Battery Maker A123

    CHINA, 2012/12/24 Bankrupt battery maker A123 Systems Inc. on Sunday said it will sell most of its assets to the U.S. arm of Chinese auto parts conglomerate Wanxiang Group Corp. for $256.6 million. Wanxiang America Corp. won an auction conducted under the supervision of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.