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Turkmenistan People Profile 2012

The most densely populated areas are the s o u th ern , east ern and northeast ern oases; the least populated are in the republic 's west ; in central desert areas there is only one person per several square kilometers.

The representatives of various nationalities live in Turkmenistan . The majority are certainly Turkmen (72 %). In Turkmenistan there are big communities of Uzbeks (9 %) and Kazakhs (2,5 %). A significant part of the population are Russian s (9,5 %), and Russian-speaking people (about 7 %). Among other nationalities are Armenians, Azerbaijanis, T atars, P ersians, L ezghins, Uigurs a well as Beludzhi , Kurds etc.

Turkmen are related to Trans-Caspian race of So u th Europeids . Turkmen are tall with oblong head s , narrow face s , high forehead s , relatively dark hair, eyes and complexion . Mongoloid facial features are negligible. Turkmenistan like other Central Asian states is distinguished by high birth rate; most families have many children .