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  • Chinese Developers Delay Bond Maturity, Deficit to Peak in 2020

    CHINA, 2016/06/12 Chinese Developers Delay Bond Maturity, Deficit to Peak in 2020
  • Malaysia's Real estate developers are quietly optimistic

    MALAYSIA, 2015/12/27 Real estate developers are quietly optimistic that new projects and a steady flow of investments into Iskandar Malaysia, the multi-purpose development zone in the southern national of Johor, will boost investor interest in property in the region, particularly in the overstocked residential segment. Creating demand “The authorities need to bring in industry and services in order to grow the people, but all of this takes time,” Ivan Teo, general manager of property developer Rawhide, told OBG. This underscores the need for additional mixed-use properties, which provide a wider variety of services and cater to multiple segments of the community, he added. There is some early movement in this direction, according to Freddie Lee, executive-director of developer Seri Alam Properties, thanks to increased activity in the industrial segment.
  • Japan Nov Housing Starts Rebound More Than Forecast

    JAPAN, 2015/12/26 Japan's housing starts climbed additional-than-expected in November, next falling in the previous month, data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism showed Friday. Housing starts rose 1.7 % year-over-year in November, in contrast to a 2.5 % fall in October, which was the initial decrease in eight months. Economists had expected a 0.6 % increase for the month.
  • India, Modi Cabinet Clears Real Estate Bill

    INDIA, 2015/12/11 The Union Cabinet, in its conference chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2015 with amendments, as recommended by the Rajya Sabha Committee. Reaching out to the opposition, the Bill envisages provisions for depositing 70 % of the project cost by builders into an escrow account and punishment for violations of the proposed law. The amended Bill, aimed at protecting the interest of the buyers and promoting equitable play in real estate transactions, has various other provisions that will be applicable both for commercial and residential real estate projects.
  • Chinese property buyers are expected to invest $13.2 billion in the United Kingdom

    CHINA, 2015/11/24 Chinese property buyers are expected to invest $13.2 billion in the United Kingdom by 2020, projected an international real estate portal in its new statement. In 2014, the UK saw an estimated inflow of $3.12 billion investments from Chinese mainland buyers, as the country ranks the fourth popular international destinations part them, according to real estate search platform About 72 % of enquiries in London real estate were made by Chinese consumers, putting the city only next Sydney. "Wealthy Chinese have become the biggest and most rapidly growing consumers of international tourism, education, luxury goods, health care and –of course– real estate," said Andrew Taylor, co-CEO of
  • Kazakhstan housing sector sees boom

    KAZAKHSTAN, 2015/09/24 The housing sector has had a positive impact on the construction industry in Kazakhstan, according to the analytical service. Kazakh construction companies have added an all-time high of roughly 719,000 cubic meters of new residential property in August. This amounts to a 30.5 % increase in new residential property compared to last August, adding 3,259 apartments and 2,391 single-family houses on a turnkey basis. The top three areas for housing construction are Astana, Almaty and the Almaty region, while the highest increase rate was seen in East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, and the Akmola region.
  • Uzbek President approved the program protection of private property,

    UZBEKISTAN, 2015/05/19 Uzbek President Islam Karimov approved the program of measures to ensure the reliable protection of private property, small business and private entrepreneurship. The measures envisaged by the decree (“On measures to ensure reliable protection of private property, small business and private entrepreneurship, the removal of barriers to their rapid development”), released May 16 in the Uzbek media, since July 1, 2015 establishes a single procedure and frequency of scheduled inspections of micro, small businesses and farms.
  • Real estate accounted for 90% of South Korea's national wealth in 2013

    SOUTH KOREA, 2015/05/14 Real estate assets accounted for almost 90% of South Korea's national wealth in 2013, according to official statistics. As of the end of 2013, the country had a net wealth of 11,039tn won (£6.4tn, €9.0tn, $10.1tn), up 3.5% from 2012, according to data released by the Bank of Korea and Statistics Korea. National net wealth is calculated by deducting debts from gross national assets. The national wealth is 7.7 times bigger than the country's gross domestic product (GDP) of 1,429.4tn won in 2013. South Korea's net worth has remained at 7.7 times GDP since 2011.
  • Kazakhstan works new plans to boost mortgage market

    KAZAKHSTAN, 2015/04/07 Next fears emerged in February that that the tenge will suffer devaluation in view of worsening economic factors and Russia' s financial slump, Kazakhstan’s government is taking aggressive steps to stabilize the country's financial situation. Kazakhstan has developed new measures to stimulate increase in its mortgage market next turbulence hit the sector. The mortgage market is presently set to recover under the government's influence, reported – analytic service . The government plans to allocate 130 billion tenge (185.65 tenge = $ 1) to the refinancing of residential mortgage loans disbursed during the period 2004-2009.
  • Chinese cities see property prices fall

    CHINA, 2015/01/22 4.3% December fall in prices of new homes in large Chinese cities 9% Month-on-month rise in Chinese housing sales in December Prices of new homes in large Chinese cities fell 4.3 % in December from a year before, the major drop since the current data series began in 2011, according to Financial Times calculations based on government figures released yesterday. The continuing downturn in the Chinese real estate market, which began at the start of last year, is creating ructions in Beijing and globally, as slower increase and rising debts in China ripple through international commodity markets.