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  • Namibia, SA mourns anti-apartheid icon

    NAMIBIA, 2017/06/20 The death of revered Namibian liberation icon, Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo, has drawn unparalleled attention and emotion particularly part Namibians and South Africans, with an outpouring of condolences to bid farewell to an anti-apartheid activist and political prisoner who was incarcerated on Robben Island together with the late Nelson Mandela and a lot of others. Ya Toivo died on 9 June 2017 at his home in Windhoek. He was 92.
  • Ethiopia’s online visa application

    ETHIOPIA, 2017/06/15 Ethiopia on June 12, 2017 announced an online visa application process to relieve visa processes to travellers to that country, but only one African country out of the 54, is eligible to use the platform with two others exempt, because these two nations have visa exempt agreements with Ethiopia. Out of the 39 nations eligible to apply for visa online, inclunding North Korea, some Western and Latin American nations, the only African country eligible to apply for an e-visa is South Africa. The other two African nations on the inventory, Kenya and Djibouti, have visa exempt deals with Ethiopia.
  • Kenya: Serem Rejects Salary Deal As Nurses Strike Hits Hospitals

    KENYA, 2017/06/07 One person died next he was turned away from a hospital on Monday, as the health sector was thrown into a crisis next the Salaries and Remuneration Commission rejected a new pay agreement for nurses, which had been negotiated by the Council of Governors. Nurses in public hospitals have downed their tool to turmoil poor salaries. The additional than 25,000 nurses are demanding the implementation of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) signed between their union and the Council of Governors (CoG).
  • Namibia: Poverty Still a Challenge

    NAMIBIA, 2017/06/06 President Hage Geingob said despite evolution having been made, poverty levels remained a major national challenge. Geingob said this yesterday at the official launch of the fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) at National Home, adding that development was defined by the economic, political and social well-being of citizens. "The problem of poverty continues to be a challenge. We have sought to provide relief in crises, but we need to find a durable solution that helps everyone achieve the kind of lives they have reason to price," he said, adding that poverty eradication remained the focus of his government.
  • Over 30,000 Somalis Return From Conflict-Hit Yemen

    SOMALIA, 2017/06/06 Some 30,600 Somalis have reportedly returned to Somalia from Yemen since the beginning of war in Yemen in 2015, the UN refugee agency said on Friday. The UNHCR said an increasing number of Somalis are approaching the agency for assistance to support their return, citing safety concerns and limited access to services in Yemen. "UNHCR is presently providing some support to those choosing to return on their own," the UN agency said in a statement.
  • Gambia's Exiled President Accused of Massive Public Theft

    GAMBIA, 2017/06/06 Gambia's government used a court order Monday to seize assets belonging to exiled former President Yahya Jammeh. They include nearly 90 bank accounts and 14 companies linked to Jammeh. Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou says Jammeh stole $50 million in public funds before fleeing Gambia for Equatorial Guinea in January. Jammeh and his associates have been unavailable for comment since he left the country.
  • West African Regional Bloc Extends Military Mission in Gambia

    GAMBIA, 2017/06/06 West African troops have extended their military mission in Gambia by one year next entering the country in January to force out longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh, regional bloc ECOWAS said on Monday. About 500 ECOWAS troops remain in Gambia of the original 7,000 that crossed over from neighboring Senegal to compel Jammeh to go into exile and leave the presidency to Adama Barrow, who defeated him in a December election.
  • Sixth night of protests in Morocco's north

    MOROCCO, 2017/06/02 Thousands of people have demonstrated in northern Morocco for the sixth straight night as protesters request the release of the leader of a popular movement in the neglected Rif region. The Rif has been shaken by social unrest since the death in October of fishmonger Mouhcine Fikri, 31, who was crushed in a rubbish truck as he protested against the seizure of swordfish caught out of season.
  • Retirement Age Should Be Raised To 70, Says World Economic Forum

    JAPAN, 2017/05/29 The retirement age should rise to at least 70 in rich nations by 2050 as life expectancy rises above 100, according to a new statement, BBC News reveals. The World Economic Forum said that employees should continue working until 70 in nations such as the UK, US, Japan and Canada. The increase will be needed, as the number of people over 65 will additional than triple to 2.1 billion by 2050. By again, the number of workers per retiree will have halved to just four.
  • Ramadan: Time to Fast and Serve

    MOROCCO, 2017/05/28 In this holy month of Ramadan, I decided to volunteer at associations that provide help for refugees and disabled people. The significance of fasting during the entire month is not only spiritual, but has a humanitarian basis. Although I know that I’m going to break my fast at the sun set, there are other people elsewhere starving that don’t know where their next meal will come from. I joined the two associations, knowing that I had to prepare for my finals at the university simultaneously. However, I wanted to make my fasting and devotion useful ths month.