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  • South Africa Retail Sales Unexpectedly Rebound In March

    SOUTH AFRICA, 2017/05/17 South Africa's retail sales unexpectedly rose in March next two months of decline, figures from Statistics South Africa showed Wednesday. Retail sales rose 0.8 % year-on-year following a 1.6 % drop in February. Economists had estimate 1 % decline.
  • Tunisia gradually opens up to foreign franchises

    TUNISIA, 2016/11/24 Tunisia has historically had only a limited number of foreign franchises, but several have entered the country recently, which bodes well for the country’s retail sector. As of May the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) – which merged with the Ministry of Industry to become the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in September – had awarded 18 licences for foreign franchises to begin operations in Tunisia out of a total of 33 requests filed, Faten Bel Hédi, director-general of commerce at MoC, told local media.
  • Kenya’s retail sector on the rise

    KENYA, 2016/07/08 The arrival of new supermarket chains in Kenya highlights the potential of the country’s retail sector, though a congested project pipeline – concentrated largely in Nairobi – could result in a slowdown in retail rentals in the medium term. Nairobi – one of the major markets in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of shopping centre floor space – has seen a number of dedicated retail properties open up in the completed decade, with additional than 390,000 sq metres of gross leasable sector(GLA) by presently available, and a further 470,000 sq metres in the development pipeline.
  • Kenya’s Retail Economy More Formalised Than Nigeria’s, Says Nielsen

    KENYA, 2015/03/05 Kenya is the second most formalised retail economy in Africa next South Africa, a survey carried out by the New York Stock Exchange-listed research company, Nielsen has revealed. The consumer statement focusing on five sub-Saharan Africa economies, which was released on Monday, indicates that 30 % of Kenyans shop in proper retail outlets compared to 60 % in South Africa. The commercial powerhouse of East Africa is ranked ahead of Ghana which has only four % of its people patronising retail shops. It as well tops Cameroon and Nigeria, both of which have two % of shoppers visiting supermarkets.
  • Traders in the main market of Musanze district in Rwanda

    RWANDA, 2014/02/11 Traders in the major market of Musanze district in the Northern Province are relocating to a nearby taxi park to pave way for renovation works that will turn the market into a modern structure worth Rwf6 billion. Raymond Niyonzima, who leads KODUKUMU cooperative which comprises additional than 100 business owners in Musanze, said the co-op has commissioned the market's construction for a three-year period. The new market will have four floors for its front building and three floors in the backside, hosting 1,000 stands for different businesses. "Its construction will kick off in March. We have discussed with district officials and business owners in the old market and we agreed they will have relocated by February 20," Niyonzima said.
  • The government in Algeria is stepping up its efforts to boost commercial activity

    ALGERIA, 2013/08/13 The government in Algeria is stepping up its efforts to boost commercial activity and bring unlicensed traders into the mainstream economy through a combination of legislative changes and investment in retail infrastructure. The move forms part of a national drive to reduce the informal retail sector and capture a larger slice of consumption, which is growing on the back of easing inflation and the opening of new outlets. A draft revision of the 2004 law regulating retail activity, known as Law No. 04-08, was submitted for parliamentary review in late June and proposes amendments aimed at facilitating the process for obtaining a commercial licence.
  • Monoprix opens 1st international supermarket chain in Libya

    FRANCE, 2013/08/12 France's Monoprix will be the initial international supermarket chain to set up shop in Libya, with 52 outlets in the next five years. Monoprix was brought to Libya by the HBG group under the Libyan entrepreneur Husny Bey through a franchising with the Tunisian Société Nouvelle Maison de la Ville de Tunis (SNMVT), which uses the Monoprix name. The initial supermarket was opened in the capital in March on a surface area of some 5,000 square metres and an extra 52 will be opened over the coming months in other areas of the capital and the rest of the country.
  • Jumia, Africa’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce retailer

    NIGERIA, 2013/03/10  Jumia, Africa’s major and fastest-growing e-commerce retailer announced today that it has received an investment of €20 million ($26 million) from leading increase equity investor Summit Partners. Summit Partners, a increase equity firm that invests in rapidly growing companies, will take a stake in Jumia through its German holding company, and Jumia will use the funds to further increase in Africa.
  • Continente hypermarkets expected to open in Angola in 2014

    ANGOLA, 2013/01/28 Continente branded hypermarkets are expected to open in Angola in 2014, said the chief executive of Sonae MC, Luís Moutinho, adding that the project was “by presently underway”. The project “is going ahead at the expected rate; these are lengthy processes,” and includes aspects such as logistics and staff training, Moutinho told Portuguese news agency Lusa.
  • SPAR Contract With Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Company in South Africa

    NETHERLAND, 2012/07/27 SPAR Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGRP) (the “Company” or “SPAR Group”), a leading supplier of retail merchandising and other marketing services throughout the United States and internationally, today announced that the company’s South African subsidiary, SGRP Meridian, has signed a $3.5 million annual arrangement with a multi-national consumer goods company. SPAR will provide in-store merchandising, demonstrations and auditing of their products throughout South Africa.