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Mayor : Khalifa Sall Ababacar

Khalifa Sall Ababacar grew up in Dakar in the populous district of Grand Yoff. After completing elementary school district( the Lycée Blaise Diagne), he entered at the University during a period when political activism flourished in the student environment. He enrolled at the Faculty of Arts, specifically the Department of History and Geography.
But the companionship between Khalifa Sall and the school was short-lived. The policy it had embraced early, it ends up taking his time to the point of forging a different fate than that of a proud teacher.
In 1983, for general elections, he became Deputy to the National Assembly, one of the youngest of the legislature marked by the presence of more and more imposing of the Opposition led by a certain ... Abdoulaye Wade.
That's because Khalifa Sall inherited, meanwhile, the very strategic position of National Secretary of Socialist Youth "Drive" at the time by Djibo Leity Ka as responsible for the Supervision of young people, with members as Gorgui Sene, Babacar Sadikh and Thioub Boubacar Seck, the current second Deputy Mayor of Dakar.
He remained in the Chamber until 1993 as a member of the Bureau, the year in which he begins his first experience in government as Minister for Relations with Parliament.
He held this post until 1998 and then became Minister of Trade of the last government of President Abdou Diouf headed by Mamadou Lamine Loum, his current adviser "Economics and Finance" at City Hall in Dakar.
After the alternation of March 2000, Khalifa Sall, by then Consultant to the World Bank and the UN system, returns to the National Assembly in May 2001.
He never left the Assembly in 2007 after parliamentary elections that year marked by an opposition boycott.
His consulting activities - he continues - are related to electoral issues and the capacity and powers of Parliaments. Thus he was an active member of the Inter-Congolese Dialogue and is at the African Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and the Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa.
He also participated in several observation missions of the African Union on elections in Africa, the most recent in Mauritania during the Presidential Election in August 2009.
We must add that the current Mayor of Dakar was for 16 years ... Deputy Mayor of Dakar and was the first Mayor of the new Commune d'Arrondissement de Grand Yoff, from 1996 to 2002.
Khalifa Sall Ababacar is 52 years.


According to December 31, 2005 official estimates, the city of Dakar proper has a population of 1,030,594, whereas the population of the Dakar metropolitan area is estimated at 2.45 million people.
Dakar is a major administrative centre, home to the National Assembly of Senegal and Senegal's President's Palace

Geography and climate

The Dakarian climate is warm. Dakar has a hot semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification BSh), with a short rainy season and a lengthy dry season. Dakar's rainy season lasts from July to October while the dry season covers the remaining eight months. The city sees approximately 540 mm of precipitation per year.
Dakar between December and April is usually pleasantly warm. Nights during this time of the year are comfortable. Between May and November, the city becomes decidedly warmer. However, Dakar's weather is not quite as hot as that of African cities inland, such as Niamey and N'Djamena.

Dakar the City

Country : Senegal
Région    : Dakar
Mayor : Khalifa Sall
Département    : Dakar
Settled   :15th century
Communes d'arrondissement   : 19
Area  : 547 km2 (211.2 sq mi) 
Population :   1,030,594
Density:  1 873,8 hab./km2
Coordinates : 14° 43′ 29″ Nord
17° 28′ 24″ Ouest


Data here are for the administrative
Dakar région, which matches
almost exactly the limits
of the metropolitan area
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)




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  1. Kids’ athletics
  2. Microjardinshttp:
  3. Ribidion
  4. Lait à l'école
  5. santé à l'école
  6. Projet volontaire
  7. Pavage
  8. Désencombrement


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